Is unit testing about testing?


Well, yes, but not entirely. The reality is that if test driven development is being followed a significant number of the tests will be of questionable value in that they are likely to test the obvious. Some code just isn't all that risky. However testing isn't entirely about testing, it is as much about process and enforcement. If you are using test driven development then you are being forced to think about your design in detail, you are also forced to keep your code testable which implies less coupling.

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Drupal, Flickr and a photo gallery part 4


Having gone through the the specifics of the interesting parts of this module, this article shows how it all comes together.

You can find the code for this module in its sandbox on To download it follow the sandbox instructions.

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Having had a play with Google+ for a couple of weeks I like it. I can't bear Facebook, its user interface is too cluttered and I have never really got in to it. I also dislike all of those game generated status messages which clog up the works.

If Google can keep plus clean as they add features then I believe that they could do very well with the techie crowd and from there plus might spill over to their less techie friends. Having said all that there is a lot of inertia keeping people on Facebook.

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Git Presentation at Brighton Area Drupal Group


On 9 May 2011 I will be presenting the basics of Git to the Brighton Area Drupal Group. I am going to present a set of slides by Scott Chacon who has put together a selection of Git resources.

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