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Hours from Now Calculator: Time in Hours Minutes Later Ago

1 month 1 week ago
On this hours from now time calculator, you can calculate time from the number of hours and minutes from now. Enter hours, minutes and select the time later from now or before from now (ago), the calculated time will be displayed on the below of calculator. If hours from now result is bigger than a day, number of days will be shown.

Automatically request and use Let’s Encrypt certificates in Dotnet Core

2 months 2 weeks ago
Let’s Encrypt is the “free, automated, open Certificate Authority” that wants every website to use encryption by default, by making it easy and — importantly — free. These are laudable goals and there is really no downside to using it. Except for the easy part… Unless you are lucky enough to use a hosting provider that configures these certificates for you, or use a software platform that has this built-in, then it might be easy. For a dotnet project running on Azure, I did not find an easy solution. Until Microsoft creates a checkbox for this in Azure (they really should), I’ll show how to request and install a free certificate at startup of an AspNet Core application yourself.

Using strongly-typed entity IDs to avoid primitive obsession (Part 1)

3 months 1 week ago
Have you ever requested an entity from a service (web API / database / generic service) and got a 404 / not found response when you're sure it exists? I've seen it quite a few times, and it sometimes comes down to requesting the entity using the wrong ID. In this post I show one way to avoid these sorts of errors by acknowledging the problem as primitive obsession, and using the C# type system to catch the errors for us.

ASP.NET Core SignalR JavaScript client | Microsoft Docs

3 months 2 weeks ago
The SignalR JavaScript client library is delivered as an npm package. If you're using Visual Studio, run npm install from the Package Manager Console while in the root folder. For Visual Studio Code, run the command from the Integrated Terminal.
13 hours 14 minutes ago
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