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Best Email Forwarding Service for 2019 (Free and Premium)

1 week 3 days ago
A lot of us manage multiple email accounts, and I personally like routing everything to one place so I don’t have to bounce between different providers or tabs all day long. This is a list of the best solutions for an email forwarding service.

Using strongly-typed entity IDs to avoid primitive obsession (Part 1)

2 weeks 6 days ago
Have you ever requested an entity from a service (web API / database / generic service) and got a 404 / not found response when you're sure it exists? I've seen it quite a few times, and it sometimes comes down to requesting the entity using the wrong ID. In this post I show one way to avoid these sorts of errors by acknowledging the problem as primitive obsession, and using the C# type system to catch the errors for us.

ASP.NET Core SignalR JavaScript client | Microsoft Docs

3 weeks 4 days ago
The SignalR JavaScript client library is delivered as an npm package. If you're using Visual Studio, run npm install from the Package Manager Console while in the root folder. For Visual Studio Code, run the command from the Integrated Terminal.

Communicate the status of a background job with SignalR • Jerrie Pelser's Blog

4 weeks ago
I was looking for a simple SignalR sample application that demonstrates how to report the progress of a background job, but I was unable to find anything. About three years ago I wrote a blog post explaining how you can communicate from an Azure WebJob to your website with SignalR, so I decided, since I was unable to find something for the modern versions of ASP.NET Core and SignalR, to write a new version of that blog post.

Google will now let you use your Android phone as a physical security key - The Verge

1 month 2 weeks ago
Google announced today that any phone running Android 7 or higher can now be used as a physical security key for two-factor authentication, giving you an even more secure way to log into Google apps than several other existing 2FA methods that Google provides right now. So when if you want a physical device to verify your login, you don’t have to buy a dongle — you can just use your phone.

Blog: How to Setup Your Own Mail Server that Will Deliver | Online Domain Tools

1 month 2 weeks ago
There are many reasons why you might want to have your own SMTP server. But there are also many reasons why lots of businesses outsource email sending to third party services. One of the big problems with having your own SMTP server is that it is quite hard to set the whole thing up to get a solid delivery rate. What does it mean? It means that if you just naively install an SMTP server and try to send emails through it, many of your emails will not be delivered. Moreover, you will not even know that your emails did not reach their recipients. If you have decided that you want your own SMTP server, this article will help you reach a solid delivery rate – i.e. your emails will be delivered to existing mail boxes and will not get deleted as spam. If something is not configured perfectly, your emails can be lost completely without a notice, moved to Junk folders, or not accepted for a delivery. So, if you are asking following questions: How to deliver an email? How to setup MX server? How to increase the delivery rate? Just keep reading.

Using Let's Encrypt for Internal Servers | Turtle Blog

1 month 3 weeks ago
As this meant that there was more things that needed to be managed by the environment I was very pleased when Let’s Encrypt launched which allowed free SSL certificates. However it did not work immediately for internal systems because the challenge method needed to be able to access a website on a public address! I was not prepared to punch a hole through my firewall every 90 days. But now there is a DNS challenge for Let’s Encrypt.

How to remove YouTube tracking | Dries Buytaert

1 month 4 weeks ago
I don't use Google Analytics or any other web analytics service on Why not? Because I don't desire to know how many people visit my site, where they come from, or what operating system they use. Because I don't have a compelling reason to track my site's visitors, I don't have to bother anyone with a "cookies consent" popup either. That is a nice bonus because the web is littered with those already. I like that is clutter-free. This was all well and good until a couple of weeks ago, when I learned that when I embed a YouTube video in my blog posts, Google sends an HTTP cookie to track my site's visitors. Be damned! After some research, I discovered that YouTube offers a privacy-enhanced way of embedding videos. Instead of linking to, link to, and no data-collecting HTTP cookie will be sent. This is Google's way of providing GDPR-compliant YouTube videos.

A Raspberry Pi Powered Junk Drum Machine: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

2 months ago
This Instructable will show you how to make a Raspberry Pi powered robotic drum machine. It really is a fun, creative, interactive project. I’ll show you how to make the internal workings, but the actual drums is going to be up to you, giving you the opportunity to make something completely unique to you. For my machine I have used as many found items as I can... hammers from a piano rescued from my neighbours skip, a fishing net I found on the beach, an empty bake bean can, wooden spoons, an empty beer bottle, beer bottle tops and a desk bell among other things, but let your imagination go crazy - see what you have around the house, just about anything that makes a noise when hit can be used, and it will really make your project your own.

GTD in 15 minutes – A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Things Done

3 months ago
GTD—or “Getting things done”—is a framework for organizing and tracking your tasks and projects. Its aim is a bit higher than just “getting things done”, though. (It should have been called “Getting things done in a much better way than just letting things happen, which often turns out not to be very cool at all”.)

CoreOS Container Linux Update Strategies

3 months 2 weeks ago
The overarching goal of Container Linux is to secure the Internet's backend infrastructure. We believe that automatically updating the operating system is one of the best tools to achieve this goal.