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Drupal, Flickr and a photo gallery part 4 martin Sat, 08/06/2011 - 17:28

Having gone through the the specifics of the interesting parts of this module, this article shows how it all comes together.

You can find the code for this module in its sandbox on To download it follow the sandbox instructions.

Drupal, Flickr and a photo gallery part 3 altering the node edit form

Submitted by martin on Sun, 05/08/2011 - 07:44

In parts one and two I described the problem and how to set up the flickr module and a content type which make the member's gallery page.

The resulting node edit form is far too complex for most users, it is asking for information it doesn't need (the body, comments etc.) and for flickr information which is awkward to obtain (the set id) and to cap all of that the set id has to be entered twice.

Drupal, Flickr and a photo gallery part 2 martin Wed, 04/27/2011 - 16:44

In part 1 I set out the problem and the aim. This post will cover setting up the modules required to display a gallery. The custom coding needed to make creating galleries a breeze comes in part 3.

Drupal, Flickr and a photo gallery part 1 martin Tue, 04/19/2011 - 07:46

This is part one of a series of posts about how to allow site members to create a photo gallery which contains photos from a Flickr photoset. The tricky bit was making it very easy for site members to create a gallery.