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Drupal, Flickr and a photo gallery part 1

Submitted by martin on Tue, 04/19/2011 - 07:46

This is part one of a series of posts about how to allow site members to create a photo gallery which contains photos from a Flickr photoset. The tricky bit was making it very easy for site members to create a gallery.

This work was done for the Storrington Camera Club gallery, the site is built on Drupal 6. There is a view which lists the available galleries showing their title and the photoset thumnail. Each gallery shows thumbnails of the photoset contents, click on a thumbnail opens that image using lightbox2. All of this relies on the flickr, cck and views modules. All the functionality can be built with no custom code, however adding a gallery is messy, the node add form is far too complex and the various flickr fields have to be filled in with long numbers from the flickr site. Many of the site members aren't confident computer users and would find creating a gallery too difficult and give up.

I will cover how to set up the modules in the next post, this post is about the problems a user faces when creating a gallery. By default, once the flickr module and content type is set up this is the form a user has to fill in in order to create a gallery:

Gallery Form Standard

Despite copious help text this form is still far too complex and worst of all requires the same information to be input into two fields. It also asks for information in a way which the user cannot relate to.

This is what I ended up with:

Gallery Form Simple

It automatically inserts the site user's name for the title and shows a list of available photosets.

The next part will be about how to configure the modules and end up with the complex form above.

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